For many holidaymakers, a getaway abroad is all about escaping from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, relaxing and experiencing new cultures. For many, food and culture is intertwined and discovering new tastes is often the highlight of any holiday. For those who are travelling to Tenerife, there is a huge range of Spanish-inspired dishes to choose from. It can be easy to stick to the familiar British fare that is available in the resorts and tourist restaurants, but we thoroughly recommend investigating what traditional dishes are on offer. Tenerife is known for its delicious and varied local food, so we’ve picked out some of our favourites for you to try when you travel to the Canary Island.

Pollo al salmorejo

This is a delicious marinated chicken dish that is cooked with a variety of spices. In particular, the chicken is cooked with garlic, pepper, cumin, salt, oregano, olive oil, paprika, thyme and white wine. Local to the Canary Islands, ‘salmorejo’ refers to the gazpacho style soup it is served in. Packed full of rich flavor and delicious herbs, it is definitely a dish to try when in Tenerife. This recipe is sometimes made with rabbit, and it is called ‘Conejo al salmorejo’.

Pollo al salmorejo

Pollo al salmorejo – Image Copyright (Rectario de Mari)

Rancho Canario

Another staple Canarian dish, rancho canarian is a delectable chunky style soup that is made with a wide variety of ingredients. Often made using ingredients to suit the chef’s particular taste, rancho canario always contains chickpeas, potatoes, carrots, cabbage and thick noodles. Many choose to include other vegetables, like tomatoes. It is interesting that Rancho Canario was born in times of scarcity, much like many traditional dishes around the world. Nevertheless, it is extremely tasty. The meat that is included varies, but the soup often contains chorizo, ribs, beef or chicken.

Rancho Canario - Image Copyright (PBASE)

Rancho Canario – Image Copyright (PBASE)

Papas arrugadas with Mojo

Similar to jacket potatoes here in Britain, Canarian papas arrugadas roughly translate as ‘wrinkly potatoes’. Small potatoes are boiled in salt water and then baked to achieved the signature salt crust on the potato skins. Papas arrugadas are often served with mojo, which is a traditional Canarian sauce. Hearty and rich in flavour, travellers will find two varients in Tenerife. Green mojo tends to be made from coriander or parsley and is served as an accompaniment to fish or seafood dishes. Red mojo is made from peppers and other spices, and is usually served with meat dishes. Every restaurant and family will have their own mojo recipe and these sauces are often served with papas arrugadas.

Papas arrugadas with Mojo

Papas arrugadas with Mojo – Image Copyright (Fast Fusion Food)

These are just three traditional dishes that you may find in Tenerife, there are many other delicious recipes to discover too. Whilst simple, all traditional Canarian foods are bursting with rich flavour. This flavour comes from the expert use of spices and ingredients, and this is what makes such a fantastic impression on travellers that try traditional foods on the island. If you do travel to Tenerife, we thoroughly recommend trying some of the dishes that we have recommended and discover the tasty traditional cuisine for yourself.