Sun, sea and sand…these are just a few reasons why so many holidaymakers head to the beautiful Canary Island every year. And for good reason too. Tenerife is well known for its striking beaches and there are long stretches of coastline on which to soak up the Mediterranean sunshine. But what are the best beaches on the island and where can you make the most of the stunning Tenerife coast?

For golden sands:

Whilst Tenerife has a number of black sandy beaches, the island also has the more familiar golden beaches. Areas that are tourist hotspots tend to have more white sandy beaches and many of these are actually man made, with sand imported from elsewhere to create fantastic beaches to relax on. If you’re looking for a golden beach in Tenerife, we suggest checking out the south and the west of the island – this is where many of the golden beaches are.

Playa la Fanabe

This beautiful beach is made up of fine golden sand and is a fantastic spot for all things beach activity. Located close to a range of amenities and with safe, warm water to swim in – it is an ideal beach for any holiday beach break.

Playa la Fanabe beach – (image copyright – Destination Tenerife)

Playa del Duque

This is another man made beach, but it is one that is absolutely striking. Built with real flair and craftsmanship, it is a beach that has the feel of the Caribbean with a unique Tenerife twist. With beach huts and palm umbrellas, it’s the perfect upmarket spot to enjoy a drink on the beach while sunbathing.

Playa del Duque beach

Playa del Duque beach (Image copyright – Alihoco )


For black sand beaches:

As many travellers will know, Tenerife is known for its black sandy beaches. Striking and sultry, these beaches are created from the volcanic nature of the island. Whilst Tenerife’s volcanoes are now dormant, their impact can be clearly seen on the island. The black sand is created from the basalt rocks that are formed where volcanoes are present. Tenerife’s black sandy beaches are as iconic as they are beautiful, and many travellers enjoy the contrast to the usual white sandy beaches on tropical islands. There are a number of the black sand beaches on the island, but the best areas for discovering them is in the north of Tenerife.

Playa Socorro

This is a medium sized beached located in the north of the island. It has beautiful black sand and is bordered by dramatic cliffs. Popular with both locals and tourists alike, the beach is perfect for soaking up the sun and also for watersports like surfing.

Playa Socorro beach

Playa Socorro beach (image copyright – Flickr)

Playa de la Arenas

This picturesque beach is perfect for long coastal walks and exploring the scenic rock pools and coves on Playa de la Arenas. With a restaurant on the beach, it is the perfect place to spend the day chilling out.

Playa de la Arenas beach

Playa de la Arenas beach (image copyright – Trip Advisor)

These are just a few of the amazing beaches in Tenerife, but there are many more to discover on the island. With such a diverse coastline, travellers can experience the iconic black sands, gorgeous golden sands and even pebble beaches. Whether you want to relax on a secluded beach or soak up the buzzing atmosphere of the tourist spots, Tenerife certainly has something for everyone.