Holidays in Tenerife

Tenerife is not only the largest of the seven Canary Islands, but it is arguably also the most popular for tourists. Over five million people flock to the stunning beaches and luxurious hotels each year and, unlike many other Spanish islands, Tenerife enjoys a decent amount of tourism all year round.

So, why are holidays in Tenerife so popular? One of the main things that attracts visitors to the island is the winter sunshine. Due to being on the same latitude as the Sahara Desert, it enjoys warm temperatures even during the winter months. Temperatures can still reach an incredibly pleasant 24 degrees during October and November, and even throughout December and January it is still normal to enjoy up to 20 degrees. This makes it a fantastic choice for those who want to escape the chill of winter without embarking upon long plane journeys (people from the UK can arrive on holiday in Tenerife within around 4 hours).

The climate during summer is also a large selling point of the island. While temperatures reach the higher end of the 20s, the cool breeze that blows in from the coast ensures that it remains comfortable and pleasant. It is because of this that Tenerife earned its nickname, ‘The Island of Eternal Spring’, and is one reason why it proves such a popular holiday destination for people of all ages.

When booking your holidays in Tenerife, you have plenty of options for places to stay. The two main tourist resorts on the south of the island are Playas de las Americas and Los Cristianos. With its bustling nightlife, Playas de las Americas attracts a lot of young people each summer, but is also equally fun for families who want a holiday filled with entertainment and things for the kids to do. Los Cristianos has a quieter atmosphere than the party town of Playas de las Americas, yet still has an abundance of bars, restaurants and shops to keep you busy. It also has two black sand beaches on which to soak up the sun, and a beautiful historic harbour.

People seeking quieter holidays in Tenerife may prefer to head to the tourist destination to the north of the island, Puerto de la Cruz. This old harbour town has many beautiful buildings and quiet beaches, making it very popular amongst more mature holidaymakers. With the same friendly atmosphere and delicious local food as the other towns, Puerto de la Cruz attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists each year.

Once you’ve chosen where you are going to stay on this stunning island, you can begin planning all of the fun things you’re going to do there. Whether you’re after a relaxing break, a fun family adventure or a party holiday with friends, then Tenerife has the right hotels and activities for you. It is no wonder that people choose to holiday in Tenerife year after year.