For many Brits, the idea of enjoying temperatures in the 20s while in the midst of winter couldn’t be more appealing. Cold nights and mornings spent scraping ice from cars can seem to last forever during the colder months, and few of us have the time or the budget to jet away to somewhere exotic […]

Sun, sea and sand…these are just a few reasons why so many holidaymakers head to the beautiful Canary Island every year. And for good reason too. Tenerife is well known for its striking beaches and there are long stretches of coastline on which to soak up the Mediterranean sunshine. But what are the best beaches […]

For many holidaymakers, a getaway abroad is all about escaping from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, relaxing and experiencing new cultures. For many, food and culture is intertwined and discovering new tastes is often the highlight of any holiday. For those who are travelling to Tenerife, there is a huge range of Spanish-inspired […]